What to Expect

What to Expect

Statistics reveal that one in five people live with a mental illness. (Source: NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness) There is tremendous need to provide education about mental health to reduce stigma and open lines of communication.

Why you should listen

Caroline S. Cooper is a writer and speaker whose primary topic is mental health. She has “lived experience”  with childhood trauma and mental illness and began her recovery journey in 2002. Because of God’s renewing and redemptive work in her life, Caroline desires to share encouragement with others so that they can live full, productive lives even while living with a mental illness. She also desires to encourage family members and friends to persevere as they support their loved ones. Mental health professionals and others will also enjoy the broad topics that will be presented in this podcast.

What you can expect

  • Weekly episodes
  • 25-30 minute length
  • Varied formats
    • Interview-style format with individuals representing a broad spectrum of experiences and professions such as pastors, mental health consumers, therapists, psychiatrists, and others. Topics include the spiritual aspect of recovery, mental illness and the church, and biblical counseling. Some interviewees may provide materials that will be shared in the podcast notes and on this website.
    • Conversation/teaching format presented by Caroline. Many of these episodes will include material Caroline has used in her mental health support groups or writings, or as acquired through various training opportunities and experience as a CPS.
  • Resources for mental health are available in the notes for each episode with a more extensive listing on Caroline’s website. (www.carolinescooper.com)

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