10. Restoring Families with Holly Haynes (Part 1)

10. Restoring Families with Holly Haynes (Part 1)

Restoring Families

Caroline’s guest, Holly Haynes, shares the importance of having a relationship with God as a foundation for restoring relationships with people. Holly shares Faith-Based Counseling Training Institute’s 7-step approach to restoring family relationships. In this episode, Holly gives foundational information and reveals the first three steps with Scriptural support, stories, and insights. (In part two, the final four steps will be discussed.)

The 7 Steps to Restoration

  1. Be a peacemaker and make the first move
  2. Ask God for wisdom
  3. Begin with your part of the problem
  4. Listen
  5. Show gratitude and gratefulness
  6. Fix the problem, not the blame
  7. Focus on reconciliation, not resolution

About Holly

Holly Haynes has been the CEO of Faith Based Counselor Training Institute (FBCTI) since 2018, the training institute her father Dr. Michael K. Haynes started in 1996. Holly moved their International Headquarters from Texas to Steamboat Springs, Colorado where she and Dr. Haynes reside today. Holly has been a Certified Restorative Therapist specializing in Anger Management, Chemical Dependency, and helping women align with life since 2005. Holly is also a Certified Chaplain and an Ordained Minister. Holly is married and has 5 grown children, all serving the Lord, and has many grandchildren.

Faith-Based Counselor Training Institute

“We at FBCTI have one vision and that is to train up disciples who have a call to see the broken and hurting made whole by the relentless love of Jesus Christ.”

Website: Faith-Based Counselor Training Institute (www.fbcti.org)

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